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Time and Location

Our Bible Study is biweekly and takes place on Wednesdays from 7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. at the Parsonage (Schulstrasse 7, 9300 Wittenbach). For more details check out our Events page.


Study Series

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Our 2019 Bible Studies (and Table Talks) will focus on the book of Acts. Through an 18-part series, we will get to better understand the story of the early Church and what it means to be the Church.  

I. What Is Acts All About? (Acts 1:1-5)

II. What Is A Witness? (Acts 1:6-26)

III. Witnesses To Israel (Acts 2:1-47)

IV. Witnesses In The Temple (Acts 3:1-26)

V. Witnesses Persecuted (Acts 4:1-31)

VI. Witnesses United (Acts 4:32-5:11)

VII. Witnesses Protected (Acts 5:12-42)

VIII. Witnesses In Life and Death (Acts 6:1-7:60)

IX. Witnesses To Rejects (Acts 8:1-40)

X. Witnesses To Enemies (Acts 9:1-19)

XI. Witnesses In Failure and Success (Acts 9:20-43)

XII. Witnesses To The Gentiles (Acts 10:1-48)

XIII. Witnesses Become Christians (Acts 11:1-30)

XIV. Witnesses Abroad (Acts 12:1-14:28)

XV. Witnesses Reorganize (Acts 15:1-51)

XVI. Witnesses Go Further Out (Acts 16:1-21:16)

XVII. Witnesses To The Empire (Acts 22:1-26:32)

XVIII. Witnesses To The World (Acts 27:1-28:31)