Being a blessing

My version and Gods version

12. June 2020In DevotionalBy Bima Nugraha Sanusi4 Minutes

Our effort to be a blessing

Who does not want to be a blessing to others? Many people want to be a blessing. It is not even rare to find a situation where people are competing to be a blessing for others. I used to think that “being a blessing to others” means that I have to be a champion, a leader, an example, and have influence over many people. But I had an experience which reminded me of what it really means to be a blessing.

I bumped into this when I was still in university. At the time, most students were very proud when they could take up a position as a member of a committee in an organization. Theoretically, this is a good thing since you will learn how to commit yourself to something. It showed that some students did this out of an “existence proving spirit”, instead out of pure sincere desire. As a result, some were too quick to say ‘yes’ to a commitment (me included!). It is indeed, generally, easier to take up new role than being a faithful servant to one cause. From this, I learned that being a faithful soldier for a certain cause is also being a blessing.

God’s version of being a blessing

Is our version of “being a blessing” the same as God’s version? That was my next question. My senior gave us a good illustration at the time: Nowadays, we are familiar with superhero movies. Everybody, from kids to grandparents, loves this kind of movies. Whether you believe it or not, those movies are impacting our view on “being a blessing”. How is that possible? Every superhero in those movies is pictured as an almost perfect being and worshiped by society.

For example, the superhero Iron Man, or Tony Stark, even without his superhero-suit, has a perfect life. He is a technology genius, owns a world-renowned company, and saved his city from aliens! Everybody is proud of him. We may not realize this but, slowly we start to think “I want to be like the Iron Man – smart, successful and famous!”. We start our struggle to receive recognition from the world.

I believe the true version of “being a blessing” is different and relates strongly with God’s vision for our lives. That vision is unique for each person. It does not matter whether you are called to be president of a multinational company or as a kindergarten teacher. What is important is how we are expressing that vision in our lives, how we are a blessing like God designed us to be.

How can you and I be His version of blessing?

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
Colossians 3:17, NIV