Supporting a learning culture

Do you want to learn more about God? Read the bible and educate yourself. Since thousands of years people find comfort in reading this Book of books.

Reading the bible is good for you, but also good for the community. As a community we can create a culture of learning, in which we all learn and all contribute. It is a privilege when we help each other to mature both in our faith and as a human being.

Passion Poetry

by Rev. Desiree Bergauer-Deppinaar

God is love (3)

Toward maturity.

God is love (2)

About Self-Love.

God is love (1)

About Gods love.

Rejoice! (2)

How to put faith into practice.

Rejoice! (1)

Paul to the Philippians about some basics of faith


Freedom reveals itself in connectedness

Being a blessing

Superhero feelings or is there something better?

He restores my soul

A reflection on Psalm 23

What is Grace?

The undeserved favor of God – and what else is linked to it?

Praying hands

Look at your hands and focus your prayer.

What is Sin?

It's probably different from what you think.