Black Lives Matter To Us

How All Souls is showing solidarity.

9. June 2020By Scotty Williams2 Minutes

At All Souls we believe that every life matters, and because of this we are not afraid to say that Black lives matter. As we have done in the past with other suffering communities (e.g., refugees), we stand in solidarity with the Black community around the world. This solidarity is not based on a political stance, but the command of our gracious Lord that we love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

Here is how we are showing love and standing in solidarity:

Speaking Out

Our pastor is doing interviews with local radio stations, newspapers, podcasts. Here are links to three of these interviews:

Tipp St. Gallen (starts at 1 hour and 2 minutes)

Life Channel Radio

Sacred Collective

Reaching Out

At the request of youth from the local community, we have started the holding solidarity circles where people can gather to engage the topics of race and social justice through discussion, lament, and hoping together. The first solidarity circle was held on June 6th in Kirche Rotmonten, and was well received.

We are planning on having more solidarity circles, so be on the lookout for the dates and times which will be posted on our Events Page.

Helping Out

There are some people who have asked for resources (e.g., books) and pastoral guidance as they seek to understand the topic of race and the racial tensions that the world is currently facing. If anyone is in need of these things, please contact us. We would be honored to assist you.

One great resource is an article written by one of Elders titled, “Learning About The Origins Of Racism“.