Characteristics of declining churches

The new Characteristics of Churches that will be in decline five years from now, by Carey Nieuwhof

17. November 2020In VisionBy Karsten Risseeuw2 Minutes

As a community, we live in challenging and exciting times. We have a pandemic going on. We live in a post-christian society. Churches are declining in Europe. It is not an easy time we live in. People of all walks of life are challenged. We need to find ways to cope with changing realities.

This short article only wants to point out to another article, written by Carry Nieuwhof. He wrote a post with the title “The new characteristics of churches that will be In decline five years from now”. This is not an attempt to ignore change, or to sooth the effects of disruption. Rather it is a bold approach to a better understanding.

Carey Nieuwhof mentions 7 characteristics, which make it very likely a congregation or fellowship will experience decline in the near future. It might be all the more true from a viewpoint of the disruption by the current pandemic.

The 7 points of churches who will face decline:

  1. The leaders bet everything on a physical return to church
  2. The success is still measured by the number of people who attend physical locations
  3. Online ministry is seen as an afterthought or lesser form
  4. All feedback comes from their echo chamber
  5. They quickly went back to 3 songs and a message as their service formats
  6. The church building, not the home or community, was re-established as the sole locus of ministry
  7. The leaders excluded Generation Z from the inner leadership circle.

Read the article as linked below for more details.

Read the article

Just as Carey Nieuwhof jumps head-on into real-life issues, we can consider things as they present themselves. What do you think about this article? Should we evaluate these topics as a fellowship?