Corona virus: All services cancelled

There will be no Sunday services or other gatherings until further notice

No services till April 4th, 2020

We will not be able to avoid the Coronavirus. All current measures aim to flatten the curve of infections. This will help our society and country to deal with the rapidly spreading virus. In line with government strategy, we will refrain from services until further notice. The situation will be reevaluated by the beginning of April 2020.

St. Gallen, March 13th, 2020


Dear Friends,

As you all know the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading rapidly across Switzerland, and the World Health Organization has now declared Europe as the epicenter of the pandemic. Furthermore, the Bundesrat has announced a series of regulations that would greatly affect our worship gatherings, and the guest minister for our upcoming service in St. Mangen is unable to travel due to President Trump’s travel ban on Europe. In light of these new developments, and concerns for the health and safety of our members and all who worship with us, I now think that we should cancel services from March 15th until April 5th.

I have spoken with our Council Chair, Barbara Signer, and she also feels that cancelling is the best decision for our congregation at this time. Nevertheless, plans for an alternative way of worship called the “Social Distance Services” are in place . These services will entail a liturgy that can be found on the website with videos of the sermons and recordings of songs from previous services. Also, many apologies to those who were not contacted when this decision was made, and under normal circumstances I would have made sure to get everyone’s input, but the current circumstances are not normal and immediate action was and is required.

To be clear, cancelling services is very difficult for me, for my ordination vows call me be faithful in leading God’s people in Word and Sacrament. But those same vows also call me to protect the flock of the Good Shepherd, and to protect the flock in this instance requires social distancing. I will still perform my pastoral duties as good as I can at this time, but I will only do visitations in the event of a pressing emergency.

Remember that, as our brothers and sisters at Redeemer Grace Geneva have said, the Church is not a building or event. The Church is all of us united together by the grace of Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

May the Lord bless you, keep you, and give you strength and courage in this season,



Rev. Dr. Scotty J. Williams
All Souls Protestant Church

Be informed

The Swiss government and cantons all have appropriate information about the current status. Please check their websites regularly.