Give us a ring!

As the pandemic continues, help is just a phone call away.

27. April 2020By Scotty Williams1 Minutes

At the beginning of the current pandemic our Elder of Outreach, Karsten Risseeuw, wrote an article where he gives a list of daily tips to create a Corona-free space and decompress. One of the tips on Karsten’s list is making calls to others, and this includes Church leaders like the Elders that serve our community. Therefore our Council says, “Give us a ring!”, and invites everyone to reach out by calling the Church office (079-559-0940).

If you are in need of prayer for and assistance with a problem or you simply want to say hello and share some good news , help and a listening ear are just a phone call away. Also, many thanks to those who have reached out to fellow parishioners; this is part of what it means to be the body of Christ and is growing our community in fellowship and faith.