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Welcome to our church services! Regular services at church started again. You will find a digital short version here, but meeting each other and sharing a live celebration is something of another level and quality. Join us!

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Second Sunday of Christmas (Online Service)

Come and worship with us online! All are welcome!

All Souls Vimeo

Our Vimeo channel has sermons, songs and more.

The first will be last, and the last will be first

Sermon on Jonah 3:6-4:2 and Matthew 20:1-16.

How many times should I forgive?

Sermon on Psalm 130:1-8 and Matthew 18:21-35.

If your brother or sister sins against you

Sermon on 1 Corinthians 5:1-5 and Matthew 18:15-20.

I Will Give You The Keys Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

Sermon on Psalm 2:1-12 and Matthew 16:13-20.

Send her away, for she is crying out after us

Sermon on Isaiah 56:1-8 and Matthew 15:21-28.

He came to them walking on the sea

Sermon on Jeremiah 29:5-7;10-14 and Matthew 14:22-33

We Only Have Five Loaves and Two Fish

Sermon on Isaiah 55:1-5 and Matthew 14:13-21