Interview with Daphne

All Souls alumni

29. October 2020In InterviewsBy Scotty Williams1 Minutes

This week we interviewed Daphne. She comes from Taiwan and was a part of our community in 2019.

Since leaving St. Gallen where have you gone?

What is your favorite memory of All Souls?
One of my fun memories at All Souls is when the kids were not in the “mood” of going up to the front to join Pastor Scotty for children time, I joked with one of the members named Geoffrey that it’s time for him to play kid.

As you know, the mission of All Souls at this moment is fighting pandemic fatigue. What has personally helped you to fight this fatigue?
Reading, walking and taking this special time to reflect have been very helpful to me during this pandemic.

What word of encouragement would you like to give to those in All Souls and the city of St. Gallen?
Sadly, COVID-19 will not disappear by itself. We, the people, are the ones to make it disappear if we follow the measurements closely. By the end, we will be the ones that benefit from our efforts.