Interview with Sarah

All Souls alumni

7. November 2020In InterviewsBy Scotty Williams4 Minutes

This week we interviewed Sarah. She comes from England and was a part of All Souls from 2017 to 2018.

Since leaving St. Gallen where have you gone?

What is your favorite memory of All Souls?
I have so many great memories of All Souls that it is difficult to pick one favorite. However, some of my most memorable of times are as follows….

  • Grabbing lunch with members of the congregation after a Church Service
  • Scotty’s 35th Birthday (with great entertainment, drums, music and food!)
  • Outside service and walking with the Palms on Palm Sunday
  • The Table Talk Services… the potluck dinner and many great discussions
  • Watching the World Cup with Scotty and Geoffrey

As you know, the mission of All Souls at this moment is fighting pandemic fatigue. What has personally helped you to fight this fatigue?
The ways I’m fighting pandemic fatigue are….

  • Keeping Busy; I create myself a schedule or an agenda to do, complete and look forward to each day. The feeling of accomplishment keeps me in a positive mind set. Some items might even be simple things such as watching a film or an Episode of a series I am into.
  • Keeping fit; I am a dancer so keeping fit and staying healthy is an essential part of my life and career. By doing homework, and online dance classes enables me to stay focus, fit and also gives me a dose of those endorphins!
  • Keeping in contact with friends and family via video chats and messages; Staying as social as possible, I believe, is paramount! Support from people from a positive support network will help not only you but those in the circle around you.
  • Spending time and planning evening occasions with my flatmate; my flatmate is one of my best friends (luckily!) and so we have a few nights where we will cook for each other, have a game night, film night …these sort of things. Also having chats and talking about the situation helps to keep us grounded and
  • A DOG!; my flatmate recently got a rescue dog, called Belle. She is very calm and keeps us occupied training her, looking after her and discovering a new personality. She is also very cuddly!!!

What word of encouragement would you like to give to those in All Souls and the city of St. Gallen?
I would encourage to keep yourself busy. My mum always said to me “Don’t get down, Get busy”. For me this is one of the best pieces of advice I have received in keeping positive and to keep pushing forward. Also, trying out new creative outlets or learning a new skill such as painting, drawing, learning a new instrument, new language. Doing something that will keep you busy but could also be useful for your future self. If all else fails. I highly recommend getting a dog or pet.

So basically just try and keep busy and motivated, and if you’re not don’t worry about it, accept that today is not a good day and try again tomorrow!