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Sermon-August 2, 2020

"We Only Have Five Loaves and and Two Fish"
(Isaiah 55:1-5 and Matthew 14:13-21)

Back to church!

Returning to public worship. August 2, 2020.

Pastor’s Desk: Summer 2020

Cast your cares upon the Lord.

Your faith is enough

Social Distance Worship. Pentecost (Fifth Sunday). Luke 17:1-10


Freedom reveals itself in connectedness

A Prayer For Empathy

Sabbath Sunday. Pentecost (Fourth Sunday). June 28, 2020. 1 Thessalonians 5:12-28

Signs: The Purpose of Holy Things

Social Distance Worship. Pentecost (Third Sunday). 1 Samuel 2:12;22-25

Bound for the Promised Land

Social Distance Worship. Pentecost (Second Sunday). June 14, 2020. Deuteronomy 30:15-20

Subtle racism in Switzerland

Die Presse zum Anlass "Let's talk about race".

Being a blessing

Superhero feelings or is there something better?

Black Lives Matter To Us

How All Souls is showing solidarity.

Learning about the origins of racism

Videos in German and English about racism

Social Media

Different ways to stay in touch

Reconciliation on God terms

Social Distance Worship. Trinity Sunday. June 7, 2020. Matthew 9:9-13

Do not murder

Black Lives Matter

We are getting back on our feet

Check the calendar for upcoming events!

God trusts you

Social Distance Worship. Easter (Seventh Sunday). May 24, 2020. Job 1:6-12

God is not religious

Differentiating between faith and religious practice

To the unknown god

Social Distance Worship. Easter (Sixth Sunday). May 17, 2020. Acts 17:22-31

The church we want to be

How personal expectations and decisions form our community.

Esther: Praying In The Silent Times

Social Distance Worship. Mother's Day. May 10, 2020. Esther 6:14;7:1-6

He restores my soul

A reflection on Psalm 23

Life more abundantly

Social Distance Worship. Easter (Fourth Sunday). John 10:1-11

What is Grace?

The undeserved favor of God – and what else is linked to it?

The new normal

How will Church be as the lock down ends?

Praying hands

Look at your hands and focus your prayer.

Give us a ring!

As the pandemic continues, help is just a phone call away.

Take Five

Sabbath Sunday (Reflection). April 27, 2020. Resting With All Of Our Senses

What is Sin?

It's probably different from what you think.

Let us keep the feast

Social Distance Worship. Easter (Second Sunday). Psalm 118:14-24

What is Faith?

What does it mean to believe?

Wake up, He is risen!

Social Distance Worship. Easter (Resurrection Sunday). Mark 16:14-20

Jesus In The Tomb

Social Distance Worship. Holy Saturday (Easter Vigil). Matthew 27:62-28:15

The Passion Gospel

Social Distance Worship. Good Friday. John 18:1-19:42

Maundy Thursday (Virtual Worship)

The parting words of Jesus to His disiples.

Virtual events during Holy Week

Virtual events in the week before Easter. Come and join us!

Stories In Stone – devotional readings before Easter

Day by day devotionals, featuring painted stones by Anja Knöpfli

Holy Week Story Stones

Being creative in the week before Easter

Judas changed his mind

Social Distance Worship. Palm Sunday. Matthew 27:1-10

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