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Call To Prayer: Coronavirus

For the Coronavirus epidemic

Pastor’s Desk: Lent Is Remembering

Three things we should not forget

Lent Devotional

Daily Bible readings and prayers for the 2020 Lenten season.

How To Practice Lent

Don't prove yourself. Be yourself.

Brunch Seminar with Kirsten Haglund

This event has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled at a later date.

World Day Of Prayer 2020

This event has been cancelled.

Pancake Day 2020

Why Celebrate Pancake Day?

The kingdom is not just work

We are called to rest.

A new beginning

We are all beginners.

The plight before Christmas

Where do we stand with our celebrations?

Sacred Idleness

The importance of rest.

Slowing down in a fast paced world

Unwind, connect, refresh.

How to focus fellowship

We are the church we want to be.

Podcast with Scotty Williams

A church planter's life and vision

Translation tools for writers

A selection of websites that help you to write better texts in different languages.

Change is inevitable

Charting unknown territory.

Listen to Sermons

Latest sermons are now shown automatically.

Pastor’s Desk: Grace for the summer

A word from our pastor for the Summer Break.

Summer Break 2019

No services on july 14th and 21st 2019.

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What is Rally Day?

Short introduction to Rally Day, a social event celebrated by protestant churches around the world.

New All Souls Website

We are just starting…

Pastoral Care

Visits, Baptisms, Funerals, or just a good talk.


Our sacraments are baptism and communion, by which we share our joy and faith.


Heartfelt comfort for our souls.


We welcome children to participate in our gatherings.

Bible Study

Educate yourself. Learn. Talk. Listen.

Sunday Gatherings

We currently have two types of gatherings: a classic church service or a table talk gathering.

Community Life

The church service is just one of many more activities.

Our Affiliations

We build together.

Our Denomination

This is our home.

Our Team

We love to create and support fellowship together.

Our Covenant

To live out our calling.

Our beliefs

As a fellowship, we try to grasp and to understand our calling.

All Souls Logo

Where does the All Souls Logo come from?


About the origins of the All Souls Protestant Church.