Now it's your turn

Doing your part in the second COVID-19 wave

31. October 2020In NewsBy Scotty Williams4 Minutes

There is a common saying that goes, “20% of the people do 80% of the work”, and in churches that 20% is often pastors, elders, and a few volunteers. In this second wave of COVID-19, these usual efforts will not be enough, and everyone must join in the work of helping All Souls to weather the storm.

Our Council has worked tirelessly to plan for what might lie ahead (you can read about the plan here: Pastor’s Desk-October2020), and despite busy schedules and time constraints they have tried to prepare us for several scenarios. Of course, they were elected and commissioned to do what they are doing now, but their leadership is no substitute for the vital role of the people who elected them.

What All Souls needs from you

In this moment All Souls needs three things from its members, and this includes those who are not in the Verein [Association] but consider our community to be their spiritual home. All Souls needs:

  1. COMMITMENT – Unlike obligation, where you have no choice and must be involved 100%, commitment is the freedom to choose how much you want to be involved. Each of us has a different level of commitment that we can give, and if its only 5% or 12% that is alright. What is most important is that everyone really wants to be involved and is involved as much as they are able.
  2. CARE – During the first wave most of the care for All Souls came from its Council, but in the second wave we will need everyone’s effort to uphold the community. One way that you can help with care is by taking part in our “Buddy System”, where two parishioners commit to contacting each other once a week. The commitment required for this is low-level, and it can be done by a quick phone call or a short message (e.g., How are you doing?) via text, email, or social media.
  3. COMMUNICATION – Though the job of the All Souls Council is keeping contact with its members, it is also the job of members to keep contact with the Council. Our Pastor and Elders will do their best to reach out to you and keep you informed, but there is also a part that you must play in the work of communication. Therefore, all members are encouraged to subscribe to and read the weekly Newsletter, read emails, and regularly look at the website for updates. Should you ever have a need or feel like you are being overlooked, do not hesitate to call the Church office and speak with our Pastor. Communication is a two-way street, and we all have a role in it.

You can do it

Getting through the second wave will be a difficult task for all of us, but apart from the presence and grace of God we will get through it by working together. Our Council has done all that they can from their side, and they invite you to do all that you can as best as you can from your side. In short, they believe in you as we seek to weather the COVID-19 storm, and out of this they joyfully say, “You can do it!”

  • You can commit!
  • You can care!
  • You can communicate!
  • You can do it!