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Series "How to read the Bible?"

13. December 2020In EventsBy Karsten Risseeuw1 Minutes

This autumn we had an initiative called “Open Book”. In it, a series of talks and studies took place, around the question “How to read the Bible?”. This series has ended early December.

While these were just 6 evenings, the goal of such events is much larger. While bible study might not appeal to everyone, there is a need to talk about the Bible and about what and how we believe. We need to reflect on this and see how we can live together, how we can experience and share Gods grace and mercy. The vision behind this is to create a learning culture, in which everyone openly talks about what he or she thinks, while reflecting on Input from the Bible.

Here are some reactions:

  • «This series „How to read the Bible“ has given me many precious suggestions and new ideas about several topics concerning the Bible: Great! Thank you so much.»
  • «Very helpful, informative and inspirational. Recommendable for everyone.»
  • «Teaching brand new, comprehensive, and easy to grasp.»

The Open Book series has now come to an end. For 2021 nothing has been decided yet. If you have any questions or suggestions, make yourself heard to the elders.

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