Holy Week 2021

Seeing things differently.

1. April 2021In Pastor's deskBy Scotty Williams3 Minutes

Last year we celebrated Holy Week in lockdown, and it is still hard to believe that we somehow managed to pull it off. It is also hard to believe the perspective that it gave us, for it took away the finery and pomp that we are used to. Instead, worshiping in sanctuaries we stayed home like the early Church, and received a taste of what they felt as Jesus went to Calvary. We felt powerless as we read the stories of Good Friday, and on Holy Saturday we felt the cold and silence of the stony tomb. Then on Easter Sunday we heard “Christ is risen!” differently, and it felt just like the disciples who were wrestling hard with unbelief.

Indeed, the lockdown gave us a new perspective of Holy Week and Easter, and as I thought about it, I came across a poem called “Precious Pearl”.


Many things are precious to me,
treasures collected over the years,
fulfillment of wishes, me heart’s desire –
I love them,
would not let them go.

But You, O Lord, are so much more –
I see it day by day:
Your love to me is worth so much
that I could never repay

So what can I do?
You’ve covered me with blessings so abundantly,
The most precious pearl.
So I let it go and give all up
to have only You for You are enough.
I pour out on You all that I have,
this precious oil
my sign of love.

This poem comes from a book by the Rev. Desiree Bergauer-Dippenaar, and in it, she presents the Passion of Christ from a perspective that is not the norm. She shows the suffering and death of Christ through the eyes of the women who witnessed it, from the women who anointed His feet with oil to Joanne the wife of Chuza.

This book has been a help to me as I approach this year’s Holy week with different eyes, and it helped my with our Good Friday service which not be done in our usual way. Instead of reading the Passion Gospel, we will journey to the cross through Pastor Desiree’s poetry, and I pray that it will give us a deeper appreciation of the things that Christ has done for us.

I also pray that Pastor Desiree’s poetry will give us a deeper appreciation of the Resurrection, and make the proclamation “Christ is Risen” be sweeter to us than years before.

Blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter,
-Pastor Scotty

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