Pastor's Desk: How's your new year going?

Pastor's Desk January 2020

But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

2 Corinthians 12:9

Dear Freinds,

Unlike other New Year’s Pastor’s Desks I decided to do this one differently, and am sending it out on the 31st as January comes to end. By now you have probably have broken some or all of your resolutions, and you might be finding that certain hopes for 2020 have become dull. In my case, I hoped that 2020 would be a year of nations finding peace, but since January 1st I have found myself wrestling with disappointment. This month there was the constant news of political tensions in my home country, and the escalation of the persecution of Christians in Asia and Africa. And then, with the usual mix of wars and rumors of wars, came the fears of a Coronavirus epidemic and the ripple effects of Brexit. Nevertheless, despite these things, my hopes are not entirely dashed, for as it was in so many previous years the grace of God has carried me.

Since January 1st God’s grace has carried me through the joys and cares of child-rearing, and has helped Maria and I as we have sought to be good parents to our son. God’s grace has carried me through the joys and cares of relationships, and has helped me be a better husband, son, brother, and friend. God’s grace has carried me through the joys and cares of ministry, and has helped me as I have sought to be the pastor that All Souls deserves and needs. God’s grace has carried me through the through the joys and cares of Swiss life, and has helped as I continue on my journey down the expat road. And God’s grace still carries me as I watch this month come to an end, and it will carry me through the joys and cares of eleven more months that are yet to come.

With all the disappointments so far God’s grace has not fallen short for me, and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it will also not fall short for you. It will carry you through broken resolutions and the dulling of hopes that once shined bright, and it will bring you an unshakable peace in these turbulent times where the world seems filled with great unrest.

Though your 2020 might not being going well God’s grace is well with you, and like His love nothing can ever separate you from it.

Happy New Year and many blessings!

Your grateful Pastor,