COVID-19 second wave

Does All Souls have a plan?

26. October 2020In Pastor's deskBy Scotty Williams5 Minutes

The Second Wave Is Here

For the past three weeks, Switzerland has seen a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, and as a second wave of the Pandemic begins we are suddenly faced with many pressing questions.

  • Will there be another lockdown like the one from March to May?
  • Will the borders be closed again and greater restrictions put in place?
  • Do we have to wear more masks with greater social distancing?
  • Do Churches have a plan should services be stopped again?

Responding to the last question many congregations are getting prepared, and at All Souls there has been much work by the Council of Elders to make a plan.

Many countries have been reporting an increase in “pandemic fatigue”.

Fighting Fatigue

According to the WHO the greatest problem is “pandemic fatigue”, where people have become demotivated by COVID-19 protocol (e.g., wearing masks, social distancing, etc.). Therefore, in the coming months our mission will be to fight this fatigue, and to provide people with support as they deal with it in daily life. This support will not just be spiritual, but will also entail tangible resources for things like mental health and social services. Also, this support will go beyond the members of All Souls, and will be for anyone who reaches out to us.

We need everyone’s help to care for our community.

The Plan

With knowledge gained from the first wave, the All Souls Council was able to come up with a plan for a possible second wave. This plan was discussed thoroughly, lifted up in prayer, and approved by a unanimous vote at the October 22nd Council meeting; it will involve:

  1. TEAM WORK – During the first wave, the efforts of pastors and Elders was enough to care for our community, but now we need everyone’s help to care for our community.
  2. PASTORAL CARE – Anyone in need of pastoral care can call the Church office number. In the event that a visitation is required it must follow the Protection Concept for Swiss Reformed congregations and personnel.
  3. WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS – Every Monday the Council will send out a newsletter with updates and uplifting greetings for the week. Our monthly newsletter will be put on hold until further notice.
  4. DAILY REFLECTIONS – Each morning our website will feature a daily reflection called “Word of the Day”. This reflection will have one word for the day, a Bible verse, and a short encouraging message of two sentences.
  5. RESOURCES – A page with resources for fighting Pandemic Fatigue will be posted on our website. This page will contain information on things such as mental health support, and social services.
  6. SERVICES AND EVENTS – Until the Swiss Federal Council and/or our Denomination says otherwise, we will continue to hold services and events following the Protection Concept for Swiss Reformed Church and any regulations from the Swiss Federal Council.
  7. COMMUNICATIONS – We will make sure in this time that all communications are as clear as possible, and that everyone is aware of the different ways that they can contact All Souls.

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

– Julian of Norwich

All Must Be Well

As the pandemic carries on we can be at peace because we have a plan, but we can ultimately be at peace because we have a God who cares for us in all things. In many services we have sang the words of Julian of Norwich, “All Must Be Well“, and throughout this year with its constant troubles we have found this to be very true.

Just as the love of God carried us through the first wave and its lockdown, it is carrying and will carry us through the second wave and what it might bring. This love will strengthen us whenever we find ourselves fatigued, and will say to us in every situation, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”


–Pastor Scotty