Slowing down in a fast paced world

How going to church can help you unwind

28. October 2019By Karsten Risseeuw3 Minutes

No, you don’t need to go to church. Let’s put that straight. If the church is not for you, fine. If you have other priorities, fine. But some of us choose to come. For a reason. There is more of value here than you might think of at first glance.

Have a break

Are you familiar with that commercial, saying “Have a break, have a KitKat“? Well, this is a commercial, aimed at selling you something. It’s a good thought (“have a break”) combined with something to sell (“have a KitKat”). In our commercialized world, where everything is about money, turnover and shareholder values, with countless ads in as many channels, having a break sounds really nice. In this case, it is just filled with another brick in the wall.

To have a break might be what you really want. A break from this fast-paced world, a place to breathe, to come to rest, to calibrate yourself, a place to connect.

A non-perfect world

Rather we occupy a place full of imperfections. A fast-paced universe, where cracks appear in windows, outlooks, hopes and dreams. We have to deal with it. That’s where the community comes into play.

A church or fellowship can be a place to breathe, to connect, to be, to silence, to recover, to share. It’s a place in a non-perfect world, where non-perfect people do non-perfect things. Yet they do so with hope and expectation. One could say it’s a place where a unique message carves out the image of God in our midst. The church can be a place where transformation happens, as true encounters take place. This does not happen because we are perfect, but because we are not.

Slowing down

At All Souls Protestant Church, we want to be a community where people can come as they are. Because we all need to slow down sometimes. Because we all need to connect.

Going to church does not mean we are stuck in churchy things. We just choose to be a community. We celebrate. We share. We want to be real. We want you to be real. Real-life questions are what we have, and really good answers from the Bible is what we look for. That is where we step out of a fast-paced world, into a place full of grace and peace.

Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.”

(Paul greeting Timothy, in his second letter. 2Tim 1:2)