Sunday Gatherings

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What to expect

We have two types of worship gatherings that take place on alternating Sundays:

A. Classic service

Our classic service is a liturgical gathering where we follow an order of worship that reflects what Christians have believed and practiced for thousands of years. As for music we try to avoid the worship wars [traditional vs. contemporary], and during this gathering you will find hymns with thees and thous and modern songs that ring with praise.

Though some congregations require formal wear, we encourage you to dress as you like and not put on a “Church face” or cleaned up act to fit in. We are all misfits in need of God’s grace, so just be yourself with your questions, culture, joys, concerns, faith, and doubts.

B. Table Talk

Similar to an Alpha Course, Table Talk is an informal gathering where we share a meal and explore a passage of Scripture through an open discussion. All are welcome to this time of fellowship and learning more about the Word of God!

Common questions

As you consider worshipping with us, you might be asking one or more of these questions:

  • What is liturgy?
    Liturgy means the “work or service of the people”, where Christians gather to adore, confess, and thank Christ through Word, Sacrament (Baptism and Holy Communion), Fellowship, Song, Prayer, Creeds, and keeping His way of service and love. Since Christians are diverse, liturgy gives us a common way of worship that points us to Christ and unites us amidst our differences.
  • How should I worship?
    Worship is about Jesus meeting us where we are and embracing us with grace. So if you sing without lifting your hands, lift your hands in joyful praise, sit in silence, bow in reverence, or cry to God for comfort and peace, Jesus Christ is with you and accepts your worship as rightful praise.
  • What if I’m not Christian?
    If you are not a Christian or religious, we are still glad to have you with us. Know that you will not be expected or forced to affirm or sing about things you don’t believe. Nevertheless, you are welcome to participate to whatever degree you feel comfortable.