The Millennials are coming

Pastor's Desk. September 2020

1. September 2020In Pastor's deskBy Scotty Williams6 Minutes

The Millennials Are Coming

During the planning phase of All Souls the founding Council looked at target groups, and one group that they wanted to reach is people called Millennials. For those who don’t know, Millennials are a generation born between 1981 and 1996, and being born in 1983 I can count myself among them. Of course, I grew up in a time before the Internet and mobile phones, but I resonate with all the things that weigh heavy on most Millennials’ hearts. I resonate with their deep concern for creation care and climate change, and I understand their passion for transparency and justice. I resonate with their deep love for travel and other cultures, and I also share the griefs they feel for problems in the modern Church.

Sadly, many Millennials are opting out of the Christian faith, and in some cases religion in general, and the reasons range from exclusive congregations to Christians being hypocrites. And then, there are those who feel the Church is too judgemental, or offers them an angry God who only wants “obedience”. Nevertheless, despite these issues, the Church can find a ray of hope, for as they leave the Christian faith Millenneals are not leaving Christ. In fact, they still remain enamored with the Savior, and we are seeing this at All Souls as they are joining us for worship.

What Our Church Is Doing About It

Throughout August I had a number of meetings with Millennials, and in each one I was asked for help with learning more about Jesus. I was also asked for a space where they could present their questions about life and faith, and in response our Church had created two special gatherings that will start in September.

These two gatherings are:

Open Book

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This a Tuesday evening study group where participants can learn how to read the Bible and openly present their questions and thoughts without the fear of judgement. The goal of this gathering is to show that the Bible is not some rigid rule book, but an open book that is filled with faith, hope, love and the grace of God. If you would like to see the dates for each study, go to the Calendar on the All Souls website.

After Confirmation

This gathering is a class that will take place on Sunday afternoons following our services. Participants will have the chance to re-explore the things they learned in Confirmation, present their questions and thoughts without the fear of judgement, and learn the deeper riches of the Christians faith. If you would like to see the dates for each class, you can also go to the Calendar on the All Souls website.

What You Can Do About It

As our congregation begins this new work of outreach to Millennials, here is what you can do to support it:

  1. PRAY – In many passages, Scripture encourages us to pray for all people. Therefore, we encourage you to bring the Millennial generation before the Lord in prayer. Pray that they would seek God, go deeper into the Word, find peace in their jobs and/or studies, have healthy relationships, and live with purpose, confidence, and selflessness.
  2. ENCOURAGE – Millennials are facing many major decisions and life transitions during the current Pandemic, and are worried about their future and what will become of the world. Therefore, take the time the encourage the Millennials that you know with uplifting words, blessings, and a supportive presence.
  3. LISTEN – One reason that Millennials are leaving the Christian faith is because they feel that their voice is not heard or even allowed within the Church. Take the time to listen to them, an receive their words with an open heart.
  4. INVITE – As you pray for and encourage Millennials, do not be afraid to invite them to worship with us on Sundays or to our weekly Friday Night Fellowship and other social gatherings.

Indeed, the Millennials are coming and we warmly welcome them into our midst, and I pray that they would encounter Jesus as they encounter us in fellowship. May they learn more about Him and what it means to follow Him in the coming months, and may we be a Church where they can give the faith a second chance and treasure it.


-Pastor Scotty

A Prayer For Millennials by Jack H. Emmot

Heavenly Father, today among Your children are Millennials, the next gifted generation who will undoubtedly lead us into a future of historic advances in medicine, science, technology and art. I pray that You guide these talented people to overcome the challenges facing them. Though Millennials will certainly use advanced technology to connect Your children around the world in ways once never dreamed of, please show them that the most important connection in life is with You and in following the footsteps of Your Precious Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.