Podcast with Scotty Williams

Podcast talk with Scotty Williams

Sacred Collective, episode #47. Caleb Rowe speaks with Rev. Dr. Scotty Williams

The sacred collective is a regular podcast on religious themes. In this episode, Scotty Williams tells about his life experiences and about his visions for the church. Scotty Williams is currently pastor at the All Souls Protestant Church in St. Gallen, Switzerland, a pioneering community from the Swiss Evangelical Reformed Church.

A church planter's life and vision

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Interview with Nathalie Schmidt

Interview with Nathalie Schmidt

Soul of the month.

This month we interviewed Nathalie. She comes from canton Thurgau and has been with our community since 2018.

What is your favorite food?
Ebly (Wheat Berries) with sweet corn and cherry tomatoes.

What is your favorite animal?
Cats because they are sweet, fluffy, cute, and independent. They tend to make up their own mind, and choose to like you.

What brought you to St. Gallen?
I moved to St. Gallen to attend university where I studied Law and International Law.

How did you learn about All Souls?
A year ago, I was at a show for the St. Gallen Dance Company and met a member of All Souls named Sarah. As Sarah and I talked, we began to discuss religion and she invited me to a service.

What was your first impression of All Souls?
There were so many different types of people coming together, and there was no pressure to be a certain kind of way. Everyone also gave hugs as they greeted one another during the passing of the peace.

What do you like the most about All Souls?
I like that that we are not all the same and that everyone can be themselves and is welcome for how they were.

What is your role in our community?
Apart from being a parishioner, I am an auditor for the All Souls Verein [Association]. It is a big responsibility, and I enjoy helping our community in this way.

This month our theme is “Change”. What is a change that you would like to see in our community?
I would like to see us do more for young people. Sometimes I feel lonely as a Christian because many people that are my age are not Christian. There are also times where people think that it is strange for me to like going to Church, and really enjoy it, as a young person.