Encouraging one another through the second COVID-19 wave.

8. November 2020In NewsBy Scotty Williams1 Minutes

To help All Souls get through the second COVID-19 wave, the Council of Elders has come up with a plan. Part of this plan is a “buddy system” where two people would agree to contact each other once a week (via phone, text message, email, or social media) and simply ask, “How are you doing?” They would also agree to pray for each other once a week, and to offer words of encouragement to lift each others spirits.

This week the Buddy System will be launched, and the Council encourages everyone to think about who could be their Buddy and reach out to them. If you can’t think of anyone and need help, please feel free to contact Pastor Scotty or an Elder via email or by calling the Church Office. In this time everyone must work together to encourage one another and care for the community, and the Council has full confidence that this can be done.